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Phone: (734) 764-0247
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    Michigan Stadium was fashioned after the Yale Bowl and originally had 72,000 seats. "The Big House" now has a capacity of more than 100,000.
  • MichiganGoBlue

    The biggest football stadium in the country at 109,901capacity!
  • MichiganGoBlue

    Home of the largest crowd ever to watch a football game in the United States - 113,090 (Sept. 4, 2010).
  • ESPN

    In the first game at The Big House, Michigan halfback Louis Gilbert threw for 3 touchdowns, returned a punt and a kickoff for touchdowns, made 4/5 field goals, and blocked a punt. Not bad, right?
  • MichiganGoBlue

    The Big House's capacity of 109,901 has an extra seat is for legendary coach Fritz Crisler. It's been included in the capacity every year since 1956.
  • Sports Authority

    When you have 110,000+ showing up around Michigan Stadium for gameday, you know tailgating is a must. Make sure to check out the tailgating at the Ann Arbor Golf Course, which is highly recommended.
  • MichiganGoBlue

    The brand new Michigan Stadium press box is one of the nicest in college football.
  • Eric Wright

    Get there early and hang out on the golf course or at any of the other great pre-game hang-out locations.

    Every other year, Michigan plays host to Big 10 rival at the Big House, as die-hard Wolverines call it. Ann Arbor is packed w/ fans and there's electricity in the air.
  • Joe Bauer

    watch the band after a game.
  • C. Barnette

    I survived the Rich Rod era!
  • Jason F

    This stadium is amazing with the renovations. On September 4, 2010, 113,090 attended a game at this stadium between Michigan and the Connecticut Huskies, setting the NCAA modern attendance record.
  • Colleen Hood

    Michigan Football!
  • Benjamin Ku

    Dont forget to check out the Michigan Marching Band Percussion step show on the steps @ Reveli Hall one hour before the game! Go Blue!
  • Alex Juwong

    113,411 in Attendance at The Big Chill. December 11th. New world record!!!
  • Abbas Husain

    If you're a Notre Dame fan here on a Saturday night ahead by 3 with 30 seconds left, you should probably leave.
  • Angela Lagano

    115,109. Under the lights! New record.
  • Daniel Kalasinski

    Fuck the Irish
  • jacob quist

    Don't let the bluehairs get you down.
  • Jordan Howes

    Ladies, don't bring a purse...they won't let you bring it in unless it is 5" by 8".
  • Emily Tyndorf

    The band is really good!:)
  • Erik Luna

    Such a nice place to watch the home team lose.
  • Brittany Weiner Borzooyeh

    114,804 Under the Lights in the Big House-largest crowd ever
  • Angela Lagano

    Beat Notre Dame!!
  • Jake Smith

    Take out your keys and jingle them on a defensive 3rd down to distract the opposing quarterback. The Wolverines call it a "key play."
  • Elan Z.

    Look for Denard Robinson... The best player on Michigan!
  • C. Barnette

    I attended The Big Chill! Go BLUE!
  • Patrick Millard

    Michigan 30 - Connecticut 10
  • Scott Schadewald

    Standing in line? Make Blue friends.
  • Bob Coffey

    On Football Saturdays, parking is banned on many surrounding streets. Gameday visitors can avoid being towed and high parking fees by paying to park on a neighborhood homeowner's lawn.
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